Why you should outsource SEO


Search engine optimization. SEO. Regardless of what you hear on the news, internet or from your friend who “knows how to do web stuff”, it is extremely important to the success and growth of your online presence.

Blogs, news sites, ecommerce sites, podcasts, and even vlogs can benefit greatly from the integration of SEO. However, when site owners usually get to this part of creating and marketing their website they balk at the opportunity. Unfamiliarity with SEO practices, the various tools and sites needed to even setup a proper SEO system will often lead site owners to either haphazardly slap together their idea of what SEO should be or just keep putting it off and then eventually abandoning the idea altogether.

What most site owners don’t know is that a third option exists. Why tackle things you don’t know how to do, when your time should be spent on your strengths? Outsourcing your SEO tasks allows you and your company to do what you do best and that is to create content, service your audience and customers, and build your brand. Unless you are also proficient in SEO, chances are that you wouldn’t have the first clue on how to even make it work for you. And you wouldn’t be alone. Everyday there are hundreds and thousands of users, site owners and entrepreneurs just like you that struggle with SEO. Sure certain website providers make it a bit easier for you to initiate SEO with some built-in tools, but more often than not these tools are become clunky and inefficient when your website starts to scale up. Furthermore, maintenance becomes an issue as time goes on. So why not send in a professional instead?

Outsourcing your SEO allows you to enlist the aid of highly skilled professionals that eat, breathe and dream of SEO. They have the industry knowledge and experience to bring your SEO marketing goals and practices to life. They know the tools that is needed to implement SEO and keep it running. Yes, SEO is not a “one and done” task. You can’t just flick on the switch and walk away from SEO. There is a “maintenance” component associated with SEO as it must respond to the ever changing dynamics of your audience. What may work to attract audiences one month, may drastically be different from the next. And let’s face it, you are way too busy on other essential tasks to tinker and play around with SEO variables on a month-to-month, or even week-to-week basis.

More often than not site owners get very attached to their websites, this is understandable as it becomes their baby that they raise from an idea and a couple lines of code into, hopefully, a larger endeavor that with a healthy readership and great traffic flow. However, this concept also makes it difficult to stay objective at times. Just because the thing needs to be done isn’t what you would usually do, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be done. In this way, outsourced SEO pros can provide a different perspective to certain situations. Remember that these are professionals that have seen the rise and fall of hundreds, maybe even thousands of websites and they have a firm grasp of the best practices to adopt and the pitfalls to avoid.

While a lot of site owners know that seeking outsourced help is the smart way to go they are usually scared of parting with money to do so. Yes, it will cost you money to enlist the aid of outsourced SEO, but consider the cost of not hiring them. You would be stumbling over tools and methods that, let’s face it, is over your head. It is not your forte and it shouldn’t be. You will be spending countless hours hunched over a keyboard in a miserable heap, testing variables and outcomes that may or may not positively affect your business. It just wouldn’t be a pleasant experience, and it would be costing you time and other resources that would have been better spent on building your audience or increasing revenue. So why not leave SEO to those who do it best, so that you can focus on what you do best.

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