Why you should choose a Boutique SEO and Digital Marketing Agency


Just a little under a decade ago when you mentioned that you were going to consult with a boutique firm of any sort you had better be prepared to meet a room of raised eyebrows.


The term “boutique”, at that point, was synonymous with big money, concierge-like service and expensive fees. It was reserved for the whales of the game and to many was a service that was simply out of their reach. Fast forward to today and the attitude regarding boutique firms has taken a 180-degree turn.



Cost Effective


Boutique marketing firms have kept their concierge-like, highly personalized and high quality service reputation, but the biggest thing that has changed is the price.


Today’s boutique firms have stopped relying on the one or two big money clients, opting instead to be more inclusive by offering cost-effective pricing. Somewhere along the line, these firms saw the light. They knew that unlike the big, corporate firms their smaller firms with less employees, less overhead and less expenses were more agile. They were able to focus their efforts while passing along the savings to their clients. What they lacked in clout and they made up for by providing top notch service.



Efficient & Adaptable


In an age where clients and their audience are carpet-bombed by ads and distractions throughout the day finding the correct SEO or marketing strategy is keep to capturing and retaining their attention.


Unlike larger marketing firms, boutique marketing firms enjoy the luxury of agility. Without the time and resource consuming bloat that often comes with large teams and large companies, boutique firms can quickly implement SEO and marketing strategies, but more importantly they are able to pivot quickly and efficiently to adjust the focus of a strategy. Listen, no strategy is perfect from the beginning. People change, trends change, opinions change, emotions change. Finding a firm that can adapt to these changes (and quickly) is key for many businesses that have budgets and time constraints.


A misconception about boutique firms is that they are too small to make a difference.


Nothing can be further from the truth. While there is a certain degree of truth that the larger teams of larger firms ensures a level of reliability due to the overlap of duties and redundancies, it is also a source of delays. Large teams usually means that there are layers of approvals and authorisations before a decision can be made. While this may seem like a good thing at first, it actually detracts from the whole strategy, because by the time a decision is made or the required signature is signed, the strategic marketing moment may have already passed. The smaller boutique teams are able to react much faster. And don’t think that just because a firm has a large team that it makes them more qualified. This is a misconception as well. Boutique firms hold a wealth of talent, knowledge and experience as well.



Talented Specialists

Why choose a Boutique SEO and Marketing Agency

Boutique firms tend to be experts in their fields, more so than the larger firms.



Large firms suffer from the “we-can-do-it-all” mentality which usually stretches their resources and talent thin, making them generalists who know just enough about a segment market or industry. Meanwhile boutique SEO and marketing firms become Jedi’s at their chosen fields. They keep up to date with the latest news and developments within the industry. It’s not the same with a boutique firm. They may also use strategies like this, but their contacts and relationships also run deep within the industry. Going with a boutique firm means going with expertise and as a result you are able to craft a highly targeted and effective marketing campaign.

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